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Hot Doll at the Zoosphere fair (Russia)
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Article from Dr Dobias about Hot Doll
    I want to know everything about Hot Doll !

    I want to know everything about Hot Doll !

    Our mission :

    Surprise the dog owner and their dogs through an unusual, innovative and design universe.

    To maximize the comfort, the hygiene, the well-being of your pet, whether inside or outside of its usual place.

    Create a dog world with a design range suitable for contemporary houses.

    To carry out this mission, we developed a range of avant-gardist and innovative products.

    All our products are designed and manufactured in France for quality of materials and blameless articles.

    Our customers may not have animals, they like the design aspect of our unusual products.

    Hot Doll :

     Dogs have sexual needs or domination problems, which push them to climb on various object such as cushions, teddy bear, and worst case on legs of you neighbors, guest, postman or your own.

    Hot Doll is designed to control this problem. Designed for dog need’s, it’s easy to teach them to use it

    like you taught them to go outside for their dejections.

    Hot Doll is "Unique", it is the first sex toy for dog in the world.
    Hot Doll was designed by French design agency Feel Addicted.
    Hot Doll is widely disseminated in the international press, TV, book and magazine.
    Hot Doll has already been exposed in the largest design fairs in France, Germany, Italy and Belgium.
    Hot Doll is designed and manufactured entirely in France.

    Stability, strength, ergonomics, Hot Doll is specially designed for the utmost comfort of your pet.
    Legs "no slide system” are designed for extreme grip.

    The "cone" is made from the same materials used by veterinarians.

    The cone is made of silicone. It can resist to temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) to +200°C (+392°F) and offers excellent UV resistance.


    Main rules :

    Hot Doll is on no account a medical or therapeutic object.

    Hot Doll is above all a design product, companion of your animal, and we do not guarantee the use of the Hot Doll by your animal. You should never force him to use it.

    Consult a veterinarian if your animal uses the Hot Doll intensively.

    Hot Doll can fail in the following cases when the dog is too old, or on the contrary too young and inexperienced.

    If the dog is used to rubbing against pillows or others objects, the master has to teach him that Hot Doll is there for that purpose (as for the place where he sleeps, the toys that he has the right to use, etc.). The mating between the dog and a Hot Doll can last on average between 15 and 30 minutes.

    Hot Doll is exclusively reserved for dogs. Hot Doll disclaims any liability in case of abnormal use of the product.

    Always ensure a discreet presence when your dog is using Hot Doll and Clean and inspect the Hot Doll regularly.


    Contents :

    Hot Doll
    Hot Doll is made of PE High Density for a better restistance and softness

    The cone is made of silicone. It can resist to temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) to +200°C (+392°F)

    Fast, Easy and Hygienic, use cleaning products suitable for plastic and silicone such as water and soap.




    User guide :

    The Hot Doll is best used in a quiet place, in the presence of a small number of people. The room has to be of moderate size and the floor should not be slippery.

    While being present, the master must know how to be discreet. Indeed, certain dogs will be inhibited by the presence of the owner while others will be stimulated by their presence. 

     Warning: Do not forget to feed Hot Doll and to go for a walk with him!



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