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    Need help?

    Need help?

     Where can i buy Hot Doll? 

    You can buy Hot Doll the first sex toy for dog on this secured website by visa card: You want to buy one now!  clic here

    Is Hot Doll inflatable ? 

    No, Hot Doll's body is made of polyethylene, a UV resistant and completely recyclable material. It offers a soft touch and is strong enough for the weight of a dog.

    Is Hot Doll easy to clean?

    Yes, clean the Hotdoll in warm water with some soap, with the aid of a soft cloth. Rinse in clear water. Dry with a soft cloth or let dry outdoors. After every use, clean the cone of silicone with some water and some soap. Rinse in clear water. Dry with a soft cloth or let dry outdoors.

    Be careful! Do not use solvents or hydrocarbon-based products (oil, gasoline). Use only cleaning products adapted to plastics and silicone.

    Why is there a stopper ?

    After every use, replace the stopper (remove the silicone cone beforehand), to avoid the input to the body of diverse objects. The stopper also allows to mask the opening if you want to hide the sexual function.

    Will my dog use Hot Doll ?

    Hotdoll is on no account a medical or therapeutic object.

    Hotdoll is above all a design product, companion of your animal, and we do not guarantee the use of the Hotdoll by your animal. You should never force him to use it.
    The tests shown that dogs are instinctively interested in the product. Colors and shapes attract them. It is then necessary to teach them the object function when they need it.

    Indeed Hotdoll is adapted to the shape of a dog and its needs. So it is ready to welcome excited dogs. The body shapes allow dogs to grab it and the artificial vagina made of silicone is broad enough to adapt to the caracteristics of dog's mating (penis that inflates at the base).
    Certain dogs will not be sexually interested in the Hotdoll, so he can consider it as a companion. 
    When will my dog use Hot Doll ?

    If the dog is used to rubbing against pillows or others objects, the master has to teach him that Hotdoll is there for that purpose (as for the place where he sleeps, the toys that he has the right to use, etc.). Hotdoll is a support for dogs that are already aroused (by the smell of a female, the other smells, by the drives).
    A preliminary veterinarian consultation is always preferable, to be able to associate it with behavioral therapy.
    What is the best place for my dog to use Hot Doll?

    The Hotdoll is best used in a quiet place, in the presence of a small number of people. The room has to be of moderate size and the floor should not be slippery.

    While being present, the master must know how to be discreet. Indeed, certain dogs will be inhibited by the presence of the owner while others will be stimulated by their presence. 

    Which dog can use Hot Doll ?

    All male dogs can use Hot Doll, check the Hot Doll size in the store section of this site.

    Do not use Hot Doll if your pet has health problems, cardiac problems or infections.
    If you notice a change of behavior in your dog, remove Hotdoll and consult a veterinarian or a behaviorist.
    Traveling with Hot Doll by plane :
    Properly pack Hot Doll in a travel bag preferably rigid, Hot Doll can travel on cargo or cabin, do not forget the biscuits!

    Who order Hot Doll ?
    The avant-gardists who love their dog or simply those who love design. Whether your dog needs a sextoy or just a companion, Hot Doll fulfills this function.

    Is there a lot of people who buy Hot Doll?

    Hot Doll is a unique concept, the orders come from all over the world, from Los Angeles, Paris, Copacabana, via Tokyo.

    Is my privacy preserved if I order a Hot Doll?

    Hot Doll guarantees absolute discretion, you will receive your orders by mail in neutral packages. For destination countries where the regulation compels us to attach a detailed description of the package to the attention of customs authorities, Hot Doll will be reported as "toy for dog".

    What if I do not have a dog?

    Hot Doll is known in the world of design, used as an unusual object, avant-garde and unconventional. Many of our customers do not have dogs but love design. Hot Doll appears in magazines, exhibitions, and trendy places around the world.

    Do not hesitate to contact an animal center, collecting abandoned animals, they need you. So you get a dog!

    What is the warranty?

    In the case of normal use of a Hotdoll, the body, stopper, legs, nose, and cone are covered by a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. We advise you to change the silicone cone every year. For more details, go to our website or to a retailer of Hot Doll products.
    The brand Hot Doll declines any responsibility for any abnormal or unintended use of the product or in case of bite of the product by a dog. Bites or deterioration as the result of use of cutting objects on any of the parts of Hotdoll (body, stopper, cone, legs, nose) are not covered by the warranty.


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