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discount on INouY Summer!
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Les Objets du desir
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Hot Doll at the Zoosphere fair (Russia)
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Article from Dr Dobias about Hot Doll
    I want to know everything about INouY

    I want to know everything about INouY

    Surprise the dog owner and their dogs through an unusual, innovative and design universe.

    To maximize the comfort, the hygiene, the well-being of your pet, whether inside or outside of its usual place.

    We developed in our laboratories " AeL creation " a range of
    natural and avant-gardist products for dogs, made from organic ingredients : "INouY"
    INouY a French brand, developed and produced in France, comes from the word " Inu " (pronounce Inou) which means dog in Japanese. We were inspired by Japanese practices, country well-know for being at the cutting edge of innovation of the care brought to their animals.

    INouY is a unique brand, created from the extraordinary characteristics of nature for our companions, the dogs.
    In adequacy with the specificity of every fur, our laboratory AeL creation has conscientiously extracted the best natural active components of plants.

    Every plant brings its temperament and its intelligence to the conception of our products.

    Our commitment to our animals is just like our commitment to nature. We believe determinedly in a respectful development centred on the "Organic".

    Our products are specially studied for all the dogs according to high quality standards.

    INouY innovates in developing the first range of seasonal conditioner products,  the first Summer range " a little something for Summer"
    The coat of our animals changes according to the seasons. INouY brings it care and protection according to their nature.

    Discover our new organic selection of shampoos, dry shampoos, seasonal conditioners, especially developed by the dogs owners for their dogs.

    We also use aluminum recyclable packaging to guarantee you very high quality products with no chemical conservative.

    We want to bring the owners of trendy dogs and to their companions, a universe finally adapted to their needs.

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